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Abigail Kelly
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Abigail Kelly, Taste the Caribbean Review and Listings Editor, guides you through the diverse range of opportunities which exist across Europe to buy, explore or source your Caribbean products.

Across Europe, it is not too difficult to find a good range of retail outlets, markets and online stores from which you can purchase Caribbean ingredients from yams and salted cod to Caribbean branded products. Here we have focused on the UK as an example of the range of shops which are currently in the market place.

I love the thought of going to a local market and picking up a box of St Thomas Jamaican mangoes knowing it’s the real deal!

Major supermarkets chains are also increasing their shelf space. If you are not able to see what you are looking for in your local store, you can guarantee one of their other branches is likely to stock it – never be afraid to ask.

More and more you will find online providers are eager to service the appetites of Caribbean food lovers.

I am however, a lover of markets. Half of the fun of shopping on the street rather than on the internet is that you can really get hooked into the enticing sounds of the vendors and the bright colours and vibrant smells of the produce. You may also get a real thrill of finding a new fruit, vegetable or spice that you haven’t discovered yet!


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